Legit Survival


Here, we'll be shining a spotlight on you, the incredible players who make Legit Survival thrive! We'll feature you in videos, link to your content, and may even offer a platform for your own map downloads.Until then, here's a short, growing list of the most influential players in the Legit Survival world:

Lady Dertch
My partner in life and in Minecraft, Lady got her name from being the "ruler" of TorchLand Dertch. She also drove the design of Lady Dertch Cherry Blossom Extravaganza, at my request, making a beautiful and very pink map!

Sal reached out for a collaboration in 2022 and joined the server project Coastal Village II. He has made countless YouTube videos about our maps. He helped out in Middle Oregon and was instrumental in procuring the premium gear in Planet 1138.

Our original fan and collaborator, Cam is known for his "Cam Inc" stores in the collaborative maps Coastal Village II and Planet 1138. Given the extra freedom afforded in our Legit Creative map, he brought to life the vision of an entire Cam Empire!

Already known in our circle as The Best Builder, Kujo joined us for Planet 1138 and is responsible for most of the flying spaceships there. He was also the primary contributor to Legit Creative.

GoofballAnt3334 + MysteriousG404
Brothers in real life, and also my nephews, these two's biggest contribution has to be their work with KujoKenobi in Legit Creative.

A close relation and a major contributor to several maps, most notably Coastal Village Expansion Update, where, at age 11, Iris helped expand our first map to its epic final form. Then again, she's contributed to nearly every map in some way. Thank you, Iris!

Another close relation, Lucas can be credited as the person who introduced me to Minecraft in the first place, way back in 2012 when he was in middle school. Thank you, Lucas!

It's me, the founder of Legit Survival. I started this project as a way to engage in a unique way with the game I loved spending time in, and fulfill my craving to make interactive content.
My goals are to make quality maps and videos, foster community engagement, and grow the brand sustainably. It's a long-term investment in myself, and I hope to be doing it for a long time!

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